East is east essay

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. It tells the story of a mixed-race Asian family who lives in a north of England town. The father, Mr. Khan, is intent on keeping the traditions of Pakistan, while his children opposed to following traditions such as arranged marriages to other Pakistani families. The principal themes running throughout the story are racial intolerance, adolescents and their need for independence, and the problems of being caught between two different cultures.

Though out this analysis I will focus on the key film language features of lighting, sound, camera and mise en scene.

east is east essay

A successful opening to a film should introduce the area the film is to be set in, the main characters and something about them, and start building the atmosphere and mood of the film. It should do this by using the first camera shots to show the scene.

Sound can be a very useful tool in creating an atmosphere as is lighting. Sometimes a director may wish to use the opening sequence to create the illusion of the film having one particular theme or genre but will, later on, contradict those first thoughts.

It then moves on to show a Christian Easter parade with the mixed-race children participating. By doing this it shows that they have some relationship. We later find out that they are siblings. The comic actions of this group tell the audience that this film will have an element of comedy, but the issue with sneaking down the back alleys to avoid contact with their father indicates the culture clash that lasts throughout the film.

Lighting is one very effective way of creating atmosphere. There are many different lighting techniques that can be used to set the mood. By using key lights KL and back lights BL only, a sharp contrast between dark and light areas on the screen is created.

This forms unnaturally lit locations and characters. This unnatural lighting is called low key LK lighting. However, by adding filler lights FL natural looking environments and characters can be created. This is called high key HK lighting. Also, the lights can be directed to different places in the scene, and the positions of these lights have different effects. Underlighting is when the main source of light comes from underneath the subject and can distort the subject. This technique is often used in horror films.

Top lighting is the opposite of underlighting. With uplighting, the main source of light is coming from above the subject. This highlights the features which can create a glamorous look. Finally, there is backlighting. With backlighting, the source of light comes from behind the subject.

If there are no other light sources the subject will be seen only as a silhouette. However, the lighting needed to be enhanced. Therefore the key lights, backlights and Filler lights would have all been used. The lighting, being natural, is high key.

Being outside the light would come from all around the characters. The effect of these lighting techniques is that the audience can see clearly that the parade is taking place outside and because the scene still has a dull lighting effect the audience can interpret that it is in a town in Northern England around the Easter season. If the wrong technique is used the needed suspense or desired effects can be lost and the film may not be as successful as desired.

The sound is another crucial area of the film.

east is east essay

It has an enormous influence on the audience. Music can build tension and suspense that prepares the viewer for something to happen or mislead them to think that something will happen when it is really only a red herring.It is often cited as one of the key works to bring Asian culture to mainstream British audiences. The play is published by Nick Hern Books.

Is there more than one? She finds herself unable to stand up to George until he pushes her too far by abusing their children. Ella Khan Ella has a strong belief in freedom, fairness, family … and Salford. Hire a subject expert to help you with East Is East. Ella is ferociously protective of her kids. She's learnt that society is hostile to them and also that their father is not prepared to allow them the freedom she herself feels they should have. So she spends a lot of her life fighting for them or keeping things from George to protect them from his anger.

I think Ella is like someone who lives under an oppressive regime — she has had to develop cunning, she is sometimes passive, sometimes aggressive and will do anything to make allies. One thing she has above George is that she sees her situation with clarity. He believes that moving to Bradford would solve their problems but Ella knows that the Pakistani community there, especially the women, will never accept her.

This is why she has insisted on staying in Salford. Friendships with women are vital to her, with the affection and support they bring, and without Annie, Ella would perish. Whats the story? George wants his children to adopt the religion and customs of Pakistan, yet oldest son Nazir objects to an arranged marriage and bolts in the middle of the wedding ceremony, and in all the family chaos, they have neglected to have their youngest son circumcised.

With India at war with Pakistan, George's fear of the loss of his homeland and culture makes him even more concerned about passing on that culture to his children.

They go to the mosque, grudgingly, but they feel like Brits and only one of the seven kids wants to live according to Pakistani traditions. The others want the freedom of Western culture. They may feel English, but they look Pakistani, and George fears that the culture they want will never accept them. His neighbors support a politician named Enoch Powell who is calling for repatriation of foreigners.

But George and the neighbor do not know that their children are romantically involved. East Is East. Free Essays - PhDessay. Accessed December 16, On 26 March, the independence of Bangladesh was declared and the Liberation War began.

The people of then-East Pakistan took part in this war to liberate Bangladesh from the.The problem belying George's task is that his children see themselves as British and are angered and resolute at their father's plans, even at times, practising Catholism, eating bacon and sausages and in the case of some of the older boys, fooling around with white girls. And here is where the breakdown of stereotypes normally depicting Pakistani and British culture becomes clearer to its audience.

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His son Saleem Chris Bisson is studying art but lies to his father, pretending to study engineering, his daughter, Meena Archie Panjabi is a tomboy who enjoys soccer and when the eldest son Nazir Ian Aspinall rejects an arranged marriage and his father disowns him Professional team of writers is able to craft custom essay from scratch according to your instructions. We are ready to satisfy writing needs of every demanding customer.

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east is east essay

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Title: East Is East.

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Essay Details:. Subject: Music and Movies. Author: Juan M. Date: June 6, Level: University. Grade: A.In Mia Couto 's novel, The Last Flight of the Flamingo, epigraphs are used as an introduction to each of the 21 chapters.

Additionally, there is one before the prologue. Epigraphs are one of the key tools a writer could use to communicate directly to the reader, apart from the main content. As a method of foreshadowing, they enhance what is important, so that the reader knows what to pay attention to in the following chapter.

Usually they require some sort of contextual understanding, such as through maintained literary analysis. This can also help to trace down the life of the writer and find out the autobiographical elements added in the fiction. These elements are to be inspected to find out whether they are in the same order as it had happened to the writer in the lifetime or to find the misplacement of events and know the reasons why the author decided to do so. This concept of Chronotopes helps the readers as well the writer not to miss the story line.

By tracking either the places where the character moves along throughout the novel or at the time period it lives in or also taking the age of the character this could be tracked down to keep in the plot line intact. Along with this, the place where the character lives in with its sociological and political conditions can be understood so that it will help to analyze and compare it with the other settings or to the real life geographical.

Dystopia of Time In literature, nearly every piece is at least loosely based on actual events or developments. And so, many literary works have also created, predicted or influenced these events or developments. These particular aspects of a book create context, which is an interesting thing to look at. When the understanding of the context of the text is sufficient, the reader will be able to analyse the text more appropiate, and the over all understanding of the text would be more adequate.

Discuss with reference to two literary works that you have studied. Context is what that drives a writer to develop influential literary works. Persepolis, a graphic autobiography depicting the life of Marjane Satrapi from her childhood to her adult years and Great Gatsby, a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about young and mysterious millionaire Great Gatsby and his obsession for Daisy Buchanan are examples of literary works that are shaped based on the cultural, social, political and historical context of their respective time periods.

The book also has many themes and techniques which is one reason people still consider it a literary classic. One of these themes is foreshadowing, the actions or dialogues of characters that predict something happening in the future. This book has many instances of foreshadowing, which lead up to the conclusion of the story. Often a novel or other long work has an overall setting, within which episodes or scenes occur in different specific settings.

Geographical location, historical era, social conditions, weather, immediate surroundings, and time of day can all be aspects of setting.Several relationships are apparent and relevant to the way a family and union of two people work, in "East is East. Each family member displays a distinct idea as to what they wish to achieve in life, in the ways of marriage. Ella and George Kahn are emanating the biggest divergences, yet their children also bring about many causes for concern according to their parents.

east is east essay

George is an old-style Pakistani immigrant, and as such, is a traditionalist. He seems to value his beliefs and religion more than the happiness of his family members. George has convinced himself that he knows what is best for his progeny, and is left disillusioned when his family revolts against him and his close-mindedness. The main reason for the conflicting opinions of George and Ella are due to Ella's need to satisfy both, her husband and her children's wishes, as well as the fact that she and George are culturally and religiously different from one another.

A Catholic woman and a Muslim man can never truly understand the beliefs and traditions of their spouses" religion; ergo they must accept and live with what they can make sense of. Ella and George have been married for roughly twenty-five years.

The East Is East And The West Is West

All this time, a tension between them has been bubbling within her. Like a pocket of air with no means of discharge, the tension between them begins to explode and manifest itself into fights about how their children should be brought up. George attempts to force his sons into marrying a matching set of ugly Pakistani women. Furthermore, he attempts to do this, even after having put one of his sons into exile because he had chosen to run away rather than marry who his father had chosen.

The first similarity between American culture and Middle East culture is that they both have a church to pray and thank god. Here are some differences between the American and Middle East culture.

The third difference is that the Middle East culture eat dinner sitting altogether in a circle on the floor.

Review on the Film 'East is East'

It is so awesome that many people in the Middle East know how to speak and write more than two languages. What amazed me was that some people in the Middle East eat in a mat and not in a dinner table. Australia's Peacekeeping Mission to East Timor East Timor, under the wing of Indonesia, was always a troubled and war ravaged province. In Portugal and Indonesia were meeting to discuss autonomy for East Timor, meaning they would be a self-governed country.

An agreement was signed on the 5th May to allow the U. The U. There were also many doctors, nurses, medics, engineers and communication specialist sent to East Timor In return the Big East has added five universities from Conference U. This change will also have a serious economic impact on the Big East conference.

According to western feminism liberation of women in the Middle East was in unveiling them since veiling represented oppression. But one thing that women in the Middle East need the most is the freedom of choice, not colonialism of western feminism.

Culture credo reference

By Reading the pieces by Leila Ahmed, Huda Shaarawi, and others which most of them were on Arab feminism and its historical roots, and comparing them with women's life today in the Middle East on the media and my own personal experiences, it has helped me to have a better understanding of the stigma that is posed on women in the Middle If I could recommend a work of fiction to read and be contemplated by my fellow classmates, it would be John Steinbeck's East of Eden.

East of Eden parallels Genesis times, with a traditional good versus evil story line. East of Eden is the most stimulating novel I have ever read.

Everyone can connect to a character in East of Eden and the inner struggles the characters experience, while also relating to the bigger conflicts exhibited. East of Eden carries a hopeful message to all readers that the endurance of love and decisions from the heart will prevail over all obstacl Although similar in many aspects, the institution of marriage varies across the many cultures of the Middle East.

According to cross-cultural tradition in the Middle East, marriage should never be kept secret as it leads to suspicion and troubles within the community.

After reading the article from Everyday Life in the Muslims Middle East, I had to compare my country's marriage style to Arabia's marriage style or traditions. Looking at the Eastern side of the Middle East, culture has been influenced as well.Please join StudyMode to read the full document. East is East is a film about a Half-Pakistani family lives in England. Ella Khan however is the mother of the family and is from England.

Because of this there is a struggle for the seven children to find their identity. Khan expects his children to follow his strict Pakistani Muslim ways, but the children does not really feel like they belong to Pakistan. After having lived their whole lives in Salford, England, they feel like Englishmen and think of themselves as Englishmen. The two films has several similarities and differences, which makes quite the impact on the story of both.

He wants them to be as religious as him, but they want to rather find their own identity and live their lives as they want. The eldest son is Nazir.

East Is East: A Literary Analysis: East Is East

He is disowned by his father George, after he runs away from the arranged wedding and starts a homosexual relationship. This is the start of the family breaking apart. George is afraid not to be respected in his Pakistani society and because of that shout at his children not to be a disgrace and a shame to him. He even goes as far as hitting both his wife, Ella, and his most We chose to focus our case study on this stop due to the diverse community St. The program is located in the Lund municipality of Sweden.

It is open from to PM for kids within the school district. The program takes the opportunity to not just look after children, but more so to teach them a holistic approach to sustainability. They do so by creating a co-creational environment that encourages children to thoughtfully and responsibly engage with themselves, the earth, and their community. What allows a program like St. Lund is over one thousand years old, and is believed to have been founded around What makes the existence of St.

In Sweden, after school care is a system that is subsidized by the government and publicly Mary's Basilica One of the most recognizable and the biggest churches in Poland. It was built in 14th century in the Gothic style has two towers. The bigger one is 82meters high and the smaller is 69 meter.Please join StudyMode to read the full document. It is through this frame of America in the s that we are brought to understand a new transition, and growing difference in the social structures in the 20s.

As individuals both live and strive for the ideal American dream, we become aware of a distinct function in human society that begins draw a widening bridge in the class system. This distinct difference is shown through, obviously the lower classes yearning attempts to reach the American dream, and prescribed wealth.

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But more prominently The Great Gatsby provides a scope through which we are able to view the growing differences within Americas wealthiest classes, specifically with regards towards, morality and social graces.

It is through individuals who respectively belong to east and west eggs that Rushdie has revived the colonial setting of the compound or contact zone. The area in and around it is clearly defined by a bus-stop,a shanty-town and the closely guarded consulate,where the privileges for entry to the West are granted. The author wants to show that colonial structures still exist even after independence and that entry to the West is still regarded as a privilege.

As the reader concentrates more or less on him and forgets about Miss Rehana, the outcome of the story comes very much as a surprise to him. Style The story is written in a very simple style with relatively short sentences.

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The reader is not distracted D. An important feature is the spoken Orientalism is the perspective of the Westthe way they see the East. The West here, is the Western Europe and the East is rest of it. Most nineteenth century scholars saw Orient as backward, degenerate and weird.

Because of this thought nineteenth century scholars saw Orient as a place requires attention of the West. The Orient was inefficient to represent itself so the West should advertise and represent the East in the Western works of art.

Making a decision about the East is not easy. This is not a question which can be answered with yes or no. Every story has some mechanisms and history behind it. Also nineteenth century scholars had a division of opinion about the East. Some of them believed that the East needs to be represented but some of them believed that the East can live without the West.

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